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Aug. 6th, 2009

Time Travel

Here are the results for this week's time travel.

Character Success Safety Time Period Location
Cyrus Yes None Middle Ages 1

Location 1 is underneath the Zenan Bridge, on the Dorino village side. Yes, under the bridge. Have a nice bath~
Location 2 is right outside the Magic Cave.

However as an unexpected event, Oswald and Django are going to have another experience with suddenly appearing gates, and find themselves transported to Prehistory. Both of them appear in the Mystic Mountains... and the gate opens up at the side of the cliff. Don't get yourselves too hurt as you fall down~

Jul. 20th, 2009


Well after an eventful week, things are dying down a bit. The gate to the fair close up, ejecting anyone still in the present back to their regular time period. Also, near the beginning of the week, the three missing people finally return from their odd trip. However, while Prier and Django come home to the Middle Ages at the same spot they were before disappearing, Cyrus on the other hand ends up in the Mystic Mountains in Prehistory. Oops. However, he gets all the things he may have left in the Middle Ages back, so it's no big problem... if you ignore the fact that you arrive falling off a mountain.

But all is not well, near the middle of the week, a huge earthquake will be felt across all time periods. Two important things will happen after this event.

In both time periods, the native will start getting some sort of memory problems. Their long term memories are fine, but they seem to be forgetful of anything that happened recently. Don't try to get anything out of the natives, they'll probably just forget it.

But something even worse is going on in the Middle Ages. People wanting to leave the area around Dorino and the mountains will find it impossible. Trying to cross the bridge to Guardia only leads to an endless bridge and the same thing happens on the way to Porre. However, turning back nets you only a few feet away from the starting point. Not only that, but the natives don't seem to really mind this odd phenomenon.

OOC time.

Gather around everyone, it's time for TIME TRAVEL dice roll.

In the next two real life weeks, it will be possible for characters to try to gate jump. If you wish to have your character change time periods, please post here stating your request. Please don't forget that the basic rules for time travel still apply, even early in game. This will happen the same way as last time.

If you wish to time travel, please respond to this post before next week. Thank you.
Well, well, well...

Sounds like someone... or something is finally giving you a break. A well deserved one too.

As of right now and until the end of the game week, in the town square of Dorino, there's a special time gate that will be open. The normal inhabitants cannot interact with these gates.

If you wish to travel in these gates, you will end up in 1000 A.D., at the Millennium Fair. Or at least what looks like a fair, it's rather deserted for one. There's food stands with eadible food and drinks, all free since no one is there, but nothing else seems open. Oh well, maybe later, people will show up. At the moment, there's only two living--- okay, so living and/or close to living, things at the fair. First one is Norstein Bekkler, located in a tent near the gate. The second one is the one, the only...


Yes, his name is Gato, and he has metal joints. If you can beat him up, you too can earn 15 silver points. However, due to the lack of technical assistance, you can pretty much only engage him in battle 4-5 times before he breaks down for good. However, battle him alone, battle him with "friends", you can earn those lovely silver points.

And what to do with those silver points? Well, Norstein Bekkler can do a few things for you with those points. For each 10 points, you can get actual money. How much? Well, enough to let you pay for three days at the inn, food included. He's feeling generous today. If you want something a little bit glamorous though, he can let you play a game. Win the game, and you get a prize. Pretty simple no? The games are as follow:
10 silver points: A simple coin flip... hey it's 10 points, nothing glamorous.
20 silver points: There's four dolls, you have to pick the correct one.
30 silver points: Pick a number between 10 and 99 based on some clues.
40 silver points: *secret, needs two players*

Of course you ask, what are the prizes. Well... you'll have to play to find out.

You cannot leave the boundaries of the fair. Think of it as a circular trap, if you attempt to leave, you will simply find yourself coming back inside.. from the other side. The only way to leave is to re-enter the gate and get sent back to the timeline you entered from.

Note, the journal devices do not work inside this zone... but on the bright side, neither does the "addiction".

Jun. 6th, 2009


Everything has been rather calm since everyone nestled in the Middle Ages, minus some townsfolk paranoia. The bridge to Guardia is still being heavily guarded due to the rumors of people appearing at the old Mystic/Fiend mountain passage. Townspeople are still a bit weary of the newcomers, due to these troubled times, but hey, at least they're just keeping their distances. A huge windstorm hits the south on Monday (8-9th) which will gradually turn into a sandstorm over the desert, making it impassable. The town will be safe, but expect things to get a little dusty.

Something strange is going on however. Weird blue flashes can be seen coming from what appears to be inside the houses. However, upon further investigation, nothing comes up.

On Thursday in game (14-15th) Prier, Cyrus, and Django disappear. All their possessions are left behind, minus the clothes they arrives in. Strange.

Time Travel

The portals are shut this week. There is no timetraveling.

May. 9th, 2009

Week Change

OOC note

I've come to the decision that due to last week's certain posting problem, especially since none of the characters have actually time traveled yet, I've decided that for week change, it will simply be the continuation of last week. There will still be a time switch for Gwendolyn, however, instead of being near the middle of the game week, it will happen near the end.

Time travel resultsCollapse )
Week Change

The out of season cold weather is still present in the Prehistoric times and sadly at this point, food is getting harder and harder to catch. On the bright side though, this means that the villagers have a job for everyone. All characters living in the village will have to either work on gathering and scavenging edible plants, or for the bolder, hunting. However, they are mostly thinking of themselves and their families first (can you blame them), so they won't accompany you, you're free to go on your own. They will lend weapons for those who want them, but you'll have to give them back later. While you get to keep part of the food you hunt, expect them to take a good 60% of what you get, call it "paying the rent" if you want.

Failure to go hunting or gathering food will result in having a lot of people angry at you... and you can pretty much expect to get booted out of the village. Hope you can build your own hut.

However, come Tuesday (30-1), some cats will appear near the edge of the village. Yes cats. They don't seem to be doing anything except stand there looking cute... oh and stealing some food. You can try to push them away, but just don't try to hunt them down... you'll fail in a silly and comedic manner, too. But these cats do serve a purpose. They keep wandering back and forth between the ruins and the village. Their gathering point at the ruins? The closed portal.

On Wednesday (May 2nd-3rd), the portal will finally open and be stable enough to interact with it. However, it would seem like those cats have attacked some predators in the surroundings, so staying near the ruins may be a bit treacherous.

On the other side of the gate stands the Middle Ages for everyone. Closer to civilazation for everyone, yet, not quite what most expected. Also, the Dorino townspeople are much less hospitable then in the Prehistoric era. No money, no service. Not to mention, they might not exactly be trusting of the people who seemed to appear out of nowhere from Magic Cave, too many bad memories from the war against the Mystics/Fiends. You better try to find someplace to sleep tonight.

Sadly, with the rumors of people having come from the Magic Cave, the Zenan Bridge will be locked and it will be impossible to get to Guardia. Attempting to go to Porre, while technically possible, will be extremely hard since it will take a few days across a semi-desert (please... do not mind the robot planting trees) and without money, you probably won't have the resources to take the trip.

More information will be added as the time period opens.
Time travel resultsCollapse )

Signups for next game week's time travel are open. Please have your decision made by May 2nd please.

The gate at Laruba village finally seems to have stabilized itself. However, it would seem like every once in a while, it simply disappears, as if no portal ever existed. When it does appear, it will remain closed shut and cannot be opened.

On Sunday night (April 14th), a huge earthquake will be felt across the continent. Soon after that, the missing villagers, Gwendolyn, and Falsetto are found, disoriented and some of them starved, but alive, in the village commons. The Iokans are overjoyed by this and decide to momentarily forget about the food shortage and throw a major party come Tuesday (17-18th). There will be dancing, enough food for everyone, and more than enough drinks for everyone as well.

However, hope you fix your hangovers quickly. Come Thursday (21-22nd) snow will begin to fall as the temperature suddenly turns to worse, a reminder of the effects Lavos' crash had on the environment. The villagers will become restless, and will start getting annoyed at freeloaders who aren't dong anything to help with the food shortage.

OOC time.

Gather around everyone, it's time for the first TIME TRAVEL dice roll.

In the next game week, it will be possible for characters to try to gate jump out of the prehistoric era and end up somewhere new and exciting. Exciting and new not guarantied, void in Quebec and Puerto Rico If you wish to have your character change time periods, please post here stating your request. Please don't forget that the basic rules for time travel still apply, even early in game.

Also, due to the fact that we only have one new time period, the failure rate (in the dice roll) for this trip will be determined by the amount of people wishing to gate jump.

Have a safe trip~

Mar. 28th, 2009


The leftovers of the Ioka tribe have allowed the group into their village... temporarily. For the next week, things are fine with their hosts, but don't abuse their hospitality too much. The food is lacking already, and they are thinking of themselves first.

At the beginning of the week, should you decide to travel back to Laruba, you may find an odd closed portal there. It won't open, no matter what you try. Near the mid-week (near April 5-6th) however, the portal will start to open and close wildly, as if it was completely unstable. You won't be able to do anything with it... but as soon as this strange phenomenon begins, some of the natives start disappearing.

And come Friday (8-9th) Gwendolyn and Falsetto disappear into what looks like a lack portal swallowing them up...



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